Thank Heavens for Mondays...

I'm back sorta, I managed to ressurect my 12 year old computer so am now able to resume printing fabric, editing photos, and continue writing on the newest eBook. As to when my other computer will be fixed, well lets just say that at this point I've given up on my other computer I have a solo show I'm hanging at Mary Greeley Medical Center this coming Thursday and I want to focus on that task instead.

Ode to Corn No. 1
One of the new pieces I'm finishing for my upcoming solo show, natural dyed cotton and silk fabrics, machine stiched using Aurifil Cotton threads.

My eBooks are available still!!! In case you were wondering with all of my computer troubles yes the ebooks are definately still available!  The eBooks live on a seperate server, I knew several years back that this would one day be a very imporant thing to do. 

Whilest cleaning my wet studio I found two copies of the Mark Making with Nature DVD in my stash, this is your last chance to obtain a physical copy of the DVD before I digitize it and make it a digital download only! 

If your interested in a copy of the DVD please email me the price is $49.95 plus $4.95 shipping 

My Bird Sketches Suck!!!

I had a sketch of a bird, and it's foot pattern, set off to the side and still managed to muck it up!!! I drew this with a sharpie on water color paper. I think I need to go back and study those Robin and Crow pics I took a few weeks ago!

Untitled Bird 5 x 5 inches

It needs something, aside from a better looking bird!!! I'm not putting another bird to the large panels until I get them where I want on smaller pieces.

Prairie Potholes Base 1 & 2

The piece on the left is finished as far as base stitching goes I have the topo map lines to add to the second one on the right. I have yet to decide on a name for this ever growing series of pieces. These two are approximately 22 x 20 inches wool quilt batting.

I think these next pieces will fall into the category of "if wishes were dreams"

Prairie Potholes

I didn't like these two pieces so I set them aside, with the advent of my new series Harvest, I decided to experiment and sure enough they needed some sketches as well. Lets just say I'm reviewing my entire Prairie Potholes Series now for it's potential to be changed!

8x 10 inches each

Inspiration for Prairie Potholes -Harvest

A couple of folks have asked me what my inspiration was it's very simple actually it is what I saw day in and day out as a kid growing up in the country. Every farm had grain bins, barns, some had silo's, etc. I started the Prairie Pothole Series sometime around 2003, made several nice pieces in 2005, and made several more in 2007, but they were always lacking something.

Last Sunday I had hubby take me for a country drive and with my handy trusty digital camera in hand I snapped some shots of farms etc., and came home and started stitching. What can I say while I long for a pure prairie teaming with buffalo, prairie chickens, elk, etc., that is NOT the world I grew up in. I grew up in a prairie filled with tiled fields, ravines, silos, grain bins, barns and elevated fuel tanks.

Todays kiddos are growing up with a reality of confinement houses in their view - that was NOT my reality~!

Anyway... watch for more from my machine as I have many pieces in progress from this idea now.