More Bins

WIP Bins. Charcoal and conte on watercolor paper.

The past two months here have been short of horrific when it comes to the digital world.  My website is still down, have no idea why it's experiencing a 503 error, and the internet here at the house has been sketchy at best.

But, today we gave up after trying to do another firmware update on the older modem and two hours later we finally decided it was time for a new modem.  Nirvana!  Internet Bliss!!!

Have a good one!

WIP- Bins

Charcoal on gesso on baltic birch plywood.

This is the second time I've tried painting over charcoal, ok I'm using a brush to paint with, and I have to admit I absolutely loathe it!  First off I find myself wanting to paint 'inside' the lines like a coloring book, mistake number one, and secondly I keep expecting my brush to respond like my palette knife and well we all know that's not going to happen, mistake number two.  So when the first coat of paint is done drying I'm planning to go at it again with my palette knife and this time ignore those line!

Acrylic on baltic birch plywood.

My Bird Sketches Suck!!!

I had a sketch of a bird, and it's foot pattern, set off to the side and still managed to muck it up!!! I drew this with a sharpie on water color paper. I think I need to go back and study those Robin and Crow pics I took a few weeks ago!

Untitled Bird 5 x 5 inches

It needs something, aside from a better looking bird!!! I'm not putting another bird to the large panels until I get them where I want on smaller pieces.

Corn Head Girl

4x6 inches

Finished I hope we will see I'm off to work on another piece and will let this one sit awhile. As soon as the word "juggle" came to mind I knew this piece needed a bird. I had hundreds of Robins and Cedar Wax Wings visit my lawn recently, they fought with the crows for the last of the crabapples on my tree. Yet I found kernals of corn everywhere in my lawn, did they stop in a corn field or at an elevator first? One will never know.

Prairie Potholes

I didn't like these two pieces so I set them aside, with the advent of my new series Harvest, I decided to experiment and sure enough they needed some sketches as well. Lets just say I'm reviewing my entire Prairie Potholes Series now for it's potential to be changed!

8x 10 inches each

Inspiration for Prairie Potholes -Harvest

A couple of folks have asked me what my inspiration was it's very simple actually it is what I saw day in and day out as a kid growing up in the country. Every farm had grain bins, barns, some had silo's, etc. I started the Prairie Pothole Series sometime around 2003, made several nice pieces in 2005, and made several more in 2007, but they were always lacking something.

Last Sunday I had hubby take me for a country drive and with my handy trusty digital camera in hand I snapped some shots of farms etc., and came home and started stitching. What can I say while I long for a pure prairie teaming with buffalo, prairie chickens, elk, etc., that is NOT the world I grew up in. I grew up in a prairie filled with tiled fields, ravines, silos, grain bins, barns and elevated fuel tanks.

Todays kiddos are growing up with a reality of confinement houses in their view - that was NOT my reality~!

Anyway... watch for more from my machine as I have many pieces in progress from this idea now.

Prairie Potholes Rural View

Prairie Potholes Rural View - In progress they need something I'm just not sure what maybe a good nights sleep and NO interruptions in the morning will help??? John was in my studio while I was working I have to admit I did NOT appreciate being told I had to stop because he couldn't hear the woman on the phone, you don't want to know what I was thinking but I did keep it to myself.

Got Wool?

My living room has turned into a wool room! Not for long though I have to clean the east bedroom and once it's cleaned I can move John's office out of the library and put my wool into the library with the rest of the left over inventory from the store - which isn't much these days. I'm hoping to sell the remaining fixtures etc., and soon. For now it's a good use of the space I just need to find room for my poor loom!

Potato Bins

I have twelve pototao bin shelves now, these sit on top of a palett that sits over a gravel filled dirt area in our basement floor. That's Angel our sheltie in front of the bins.

Holes were drilled in the end boards of each bin shelf to aid in air flow, we used 1 x 2 inch fencing for the bin bottoms.

Dh stapled lathe to the bottom of the bins to make them easier to pull out and push back into place much like a dresser drawer.

He used 1 8 foot 2 x 4 to make each bin.