Thank Heavens for Mondays...

I'm back sorta, I managed to ressurect my 12 year old computer so am now able to resume printing fabric, editing photos, and continue writing on the newest eBook. As to when my other computer will be fixed, well lets just say that at this point I've given up on my other computer I have a solo show I'm hanging at Mary Greeley Medical Center this coming Thursday and I want to focus on that task instead.

Ode to Corn No. 1
One of the new pieces I'm finishing for my upcoming solo show, natural dyed cotton and silk fabrics, machine stiched using Aurifil Cotton threads.

My eBooks are available still!!! In case you were wondering with all of my computer troubles yes the ebooks are definately still available!  The eBooks live on a seperate server, I knew several years back that this would one day be a very imporant thing to do. 

Whilest cleaning my wet studio I found two copies of the Mark Making with Nature DVD in my stash, this is your last chance to obtain a physical copy of the DVD before I digitize it and make it a digital download only! 

If your interested in a copy of the DVD please email me the price is $49.95 plus $4.95 shipping