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Greetings from the Prairie!!!

I've been playing with earth pigments, ochers, and clays since I was a little girl. I painted every piece of fabric, leather, paper, even bones, with the various colors of the earth that I found in my parents garden, or in the creek behind their house.  And now I get to share this passion for the Earth's colors with you!

Please read all the information prior to purchasing as no refunds can be given.

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A Self-paced class

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Class Description:

During this Self Paced Online class I will show you how to combine clay, ochers, and pigments with mixed mediums to create beautiful one-of-a-kind art cloth and papers.

You will be encouraged to explore your world for found color and materials to color your cloth and papers in such a way as to make them unique to you alone!

You will soon discover that I do not give projects, like many classes and books offer.

Instead I give assignments.

Projects are finite.

Assignments are a life long quest of learning, exploring, experimenting, and finally growth. I see assignments as a valuable process to my studio practice, and I am very excited to share my process with you!

Each week there is a new assignments where you create one-of-a-kind art cloth and papers using both found and purchased earth pigments, ochers, and clays.

Each Assignment will be made up of four components:

  • Instructional Videos
  • Technique Videos
  • Inspiration
  • And finally a Challenge to instill curiosity and growth.

All videos are downloadable so that you will have them for life.

The instructions are also downloadable as a PDF, so that you will have them for life.

There will be a special bonus lesson at the end of this class.


What will you learn in this class?

In this class you will learn how to create one-of-a-kind papers and art cloth using:

  • earth pigments, clays, ochers
  • charcoal (both found and purchased), conte, and graphite
  • rust and copper patina's
  • gold leaf and foil
  • gutta and other resists
  • stencils
  • watercolor crayons
  • natural dye extacts

Once you're done creating your unique cloth and paper you will work towards creating original works of art, based upon your own personalized theme.


Once you're done creating your unique cloth and paper you will work towards creating original works of art, based upon your own personalized theme.

A Self-Paced Class

Lifetime Access

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  • This Self-paced class costs $79
  • Class will be held on a private website that only registered students are able to access.
  • There is a support group for this class on Facebook
  • All information for the class is all posted at once and ready for access and work at your own pace.
  • Basic computer skills are needed (be able to login, access a blog, etc), you are responsible for knowing  how to use your personal device to access the internet.
  • Class can be accessed from most digital devices with recent updates.
  • THIS CLASS INCLUDES VIDEO LESSONS THAT ARE DOWNLOADABLE! If your service is “iffy” then I highly recommend downloading the videos onto your device, doing so will eliminate buffering issues.
  • I have provided LOTS of step by step visuals in the form of photos, and when needed diagrams.
  • A high speed connection if definitely recommended, again if you do not have high speed internet then please download the videos to your device.
  • Feel free to register at anytime.
  • No refunds, period.