Gestating an Idea


I'm working on this necklace until I can find my cartridge of yellow ink for my printer. I bought the necklace at a thrift shop, but it's too short so I plan to lengthen it and add this pendant.

He was all Messed Up!


After twenty-four hours of thunderstorms Oliver has finally calmed down and is happily sleeping in the middle of my studio floor. This photo was taken yesterday during the height of a very loud thunderstorm and my poor baby was shivering and like crazy. No thunder shirts are not an option as I’d never be able to get it on him by myself.

So nothing went as planned yesterday, aside from taking time to have a nice chat with a dear friend! And that’s how it rolls sometimes when you have to put your pets comfort and safety before everything else. Studio can wait, hand stitching can wait, drawing… it can wait.

We had more storms overnight, I closed the bedroom window and turned on the window AC, he was still up and down but not like the night before, lordy was he a mess. And this afternoon, well I slept in and here in a bit I have to take Thomas our Norwegian Forest Cat, to the vet as he’s blown his summer coat so much that he’s nearly naked and this isn’t normal for him.


Hey, y'all!!! Just popping in to let you know that Brenda and I were chatting about doing a crazy quilt challenge that will be outside of the box! We're thinking skulls, curiosities, vintage dead bird Christmas cards (yes that really was a thing back in the day), and the like on either 9-inch hearts or 9-inch hexies (that's a hexie where each side is 9 inches).

The challenge will take place in my facebook group Almost Stitched!

I plan to start collecting stuff for my 9-inch hexie this afternoon. I'll be using my natural dyed silk velvet fabrics, rust dyed fabrics and trims, resin crow skulls, vintage images of birds, skulls and the like printed onto fabric (or image transfers), found objects, bones, and other curiosities combined with traditional stitches, antique and vintage trims I plan to distress, and more. Once I get my collection gathered for my hexie I'll post a photo here.

The Deadline for one heart or hexie would be December 31st

Where's Kimberly

I lost my glasses, the ones that I wear when I'm working on the computer, which means I'm not spending much time online! I can kinda sorta see the screen when I'm wearing my other glasses, however, I highly emphasize the kinda sorta see portion of this sentence! I'm off to take the family room apart, the last known location of said computer glasses, it's in need of a deep cleaning anyway!

Today's Mailbox Haul

A friend of mine sent me coarse ground red earth pigment and ochre samples from Montana, they arrived today, so this is what I'll be working on, grinding the reddish-brown pigment until it is very fine using a muller. I'll then take some of the finely ground pigment, mix it with soy milk and will paint fabric swatches and allow to dry to see what the final color will be like. I'll do inchies for a challenge I’m participating in this week!

He sent me two other samples a green and a yellow, which I approved so he'll be sending me the yellow and green pigments next week to also grind down.

He also put some pine needles, horsemint, bison hair, and buckskin in the package with my pigment and ochres. My studio smells like the mountains of western Montana at the moment.

If I can get the pigment ground fine enough I'll make handmade pastels for drawing and painting with as well.

Practicing Play

I’m taking an online course with Jeanne Oliver called Wild Awaking Paint Big while I wait for my pigments to arrive from Montana. I highly recommend the course, especially if you’re in a stuck place like I am at the moment. I already knew how to do everything we’re learning in the course, 90% of which I learned back in art school and of course I wrote a book on Rust Dyeing many moons ago.

That said it’s refreshing to take classes from someone else, to gain new perspective, stimulate the old brain cells into working differently. Another bonus is I’m using up studio supplies I’m no longer in love with and want them gone.

So if you’re stuck, like I was, then I highly recommend Jeanne’s class, and drag out those supplies and play a little to loosen things up.

They're Disappearing!

Taken June of 2019

Taken June of 2019

Marsh January 2011.jpg

Taken January of 2011

I wish I had an image of the marsh from 1999 on my computer, I will have to find one of the old photos to scan in and add it here later. You can see here that many of the cottonwoods, which are standing in a marsh, have now fallen down. Apparently a small tornado went through the area a year or so ago and knocked many of the trees down.

Oil Paint and Cold Wax

Cottonwoods. Oil paint & Cold wax. 5 x 8 inches on canvas paper.

Cottonwoods. Oil paint & Cold wax. 5 x 8 inches on canvas paper.

I’ve been experimenting this past week with water mixable oil paints and cold wax. Not sure what I think about this medium, yet, other than working small is not working for me so it’s time to set up the easel.

This painting evolved from memories of the cottonwood stand at my favorite marsh, Bjorkboda, in Hamilton County, Iowa. I was there last month and many of the trees have now fallen over and only a few remain. I need to go back and take some photos to share and soon.

Field at Dusk

Field at Dusk kbaxterpackwood.jpg

Field at Dusk. 9 x 6 inches. Oil bar on watercolor paper.

Decided to break out the oil bars this afternoon and do a little “coloring” as my husband calls it, lol. It was fun to just lay some color down onto some paper and not worry if it would work or not, just explore. He then requested I add some pheasants to the grassy area, which probably won’t happen.