cherry pink

Compost WIP

Each piece of fabric was dyed using natural dyes, the pink was cochineal, blue was indigo, pale yellow was weld. The caramel or beige piece has already been compost dyed once but never did a whole lot for me so it's going into the pile again. I did this once before only with indigo, rust and tannin. I'm not sure how this will look it'll either be a go or a bust but first I need to add more stuff to the surface for textures, resists, and the like. This is a combination of both hand and machine stitching.

Prairie Potholes

I didn't like these two pieces so I set them aside, with the advent of my new series Harvest, I decided to experiment and sure enough they needed some sketches as well. Lets just say I'm reviewing my entire Prairie Potholes Series now for it's potential to be changed!

8x 10 inches each

Wild Poppies

I needlefelted degummed silk waste onto a base of white wool roving, tis over a piece of shiny white organza fabric. The black lines were created by needlefelting heavy black pearl cotton onto the fabric. this would probably look better photographed against a dark background, instead of my white table.