Colors of the Earth Materials List

Earth Pigments, Clays, and/or Ochers

Fabric: cotton, linen, or silk


  • heavy papers such as water color paper, mixed media papers
  • lighter weight papers such as rice paper
  • Khadi paper from India - NOT REQUIRED however it takes earth pigments like no other paper out there!
  • found papers such as old envelopes, brown paper bags, etc.

Other Mark Making Mediums:

  • charcoal or vine charcoal
  • white charcoal, pastel, and/or conte
  • gutta resist in clear, black, or white
  • pencil

Soy milk or soy beans for making soy milk


Earth Pigments, Ochers, and Clay

The only ochers and pigments required for this class are:

  • A yellow ocher of some type, and contain yellow ocher and/or clay
  • An umber either Burnt or Raw (i.e., if you go with burnt umber then purchase raw umber to go with)
  • A sienna eitherBurnt or Raw (i.e., if you a raw sienna then purchase the burnt sienna to go with)
  • A red ocher or purple ocher
  • Mayan Blue and/or Prussian Blue are suggestions NOT REQUIRED.

I purchase my earth pigments, ochre's, and clays, from (they are based in the US).


Tools & Equipment

  • *paint brushes, inexpensive boar bristle brushes work the best

  • *stretcher frames (for stretching fabrics onto for painting)

  • *thumb tacks

  • *water container

  • *respirator or dust mask (a better quality one) such as an N95.

  • *gloves to protect your hands

  • *studio shirt or smock (the earth pigments, ocher's, clays, stain EVERYTHING they come into contact with!!!)