Compost Dyed Fabric

Heron - WIP

I'm seriously considering ripping out the stitching on the red organza area! An idea that looked good in my head didn't work out the way I had hoped. It's rather lacking, the silk organza going wonky on the piece doesn't help matters any. 

IF I don't rip the stitching out and this is a very big IF, I may couch some yarn/fiber onto the piece in an assymetrical manner over the red stripe to correct the balance on the top right and lower left bottom. 

Oh Quilt Where are Thou?

Somewhere in this pile of fabrics is my new Prairie Pothole Series, to supplement my large selection of compost dyed, natural dyed, and rust dyed fabrics is a bag of natural dyed silk carrier rods dyed in rich vibrant red violets, deepest golden, mysterious purple and palest pink!

FFAC Collage Mania Pieces

Ghost Tree #6
Ghost Tree #5
Ghost Tree #4
Ghost Tree #3
Ghost Tree #2
Ghost Tree #1
Materials: Found Paper, Ink, Paintstiks, Fabric Paint, Timtex, Wool Felt, Metallic Thread, Cotton Thread, Wool Yarn, Compost Dyed Silk Organza Net (Behind the center panel)
Size: each piece measures approx 8 1/8 x 5 3/8 inches