Compost WIP

Each piece of fabric was dyed using natural dyes, the pink was cochineal, blue was indigo, pale yellow was weld. The caramel or beige piece has already been compost dyed once but never did a whole lot for me so it's going into the pile again. I did this once before only with indigo, rust and tannin. I'm not sure how this will look it'll either be a go or a bust but first I need to add more stuff to the surface for textures, resists, and the like. This is a combination of both hand and machine stitching.

New Barn Series

New series of barns in the making. Silk velvet that has been dyed with natural dyes (vegetable or botanical dyed), compost dyed and or indigo dyed. The colors really are this vibrant in person! Cotton is not this vibrant but with a lot of work you can get it to this level of saturation ;-)
Now to figure how I'm going to stitch these babies and not lose the naunce of what I'm trying to achieve - which is to NOT have them look like a quilt! I'm not sure what the size is at the moment, I'll have to measure the pieces tomorrow, I"m thinking they are around 22"w x 28"h

Can we say YUMMY!!!

I think I'll make some attachments with these silk organza fabrics, they have all been dyed with natural dyes. Somewhere in this mess I have some silk ribbons, yarns, etc. that I dyed at the same time that'll also look good on the surface of my latest baby. I also have some raw handspun muga silk yarn that'll do for branch defintion, can't seem to find my brownish raffia I had on hand - it was a weird coffee color that would work really well for branch material.

Blues - Indigo
Pinks - Cochineal
Yellows - Weld (bright yellow and light yellow), Osage Orange (golden yellow)