Oh Quilt Where are Thou?

Somewhere in this pile of fabrics is my new Prairie Pothole Series, to supplement my large selection of compost dyed, natural dyed, and rust dyed fabrics is a bag of natural dyed silk carrier rods dyed in rich vibrant red violets, deepest golden, mysterious purple and palest pink!

Art Batt

Wool batt, silk carrier rods, silk sliver, flax, mohair roving, and thrums are available in my shop.

Normally I don't post here but wanted to share what I was up too tonight, I'm experimenting with some new art yarns. Right now I'm tired and am hurting a lot from doing yard work today, so I cheated and instead of making up a new batt I pulled a half used one out of my stash. The silk carrier rods to the right are rust dyed the others were dyed using acid dyes.

Rusted Carrier Rods

Here I'm making constructed cloth with the silk carrier rods. I've plans to rutst more rods this evening and do some further experimentation with them. I have more rusted rods that I'm making a evening bag out of, will post pictures later.

Working on this small project has helped me to resolve a quilt I've had on hold for a very long time. I will be overdyeing some rusted rods with cutch and adding them as embellishment to the quilt surface. The top photo is a detail shot of the constructed cloth.