Surface Design

Things Happen!

Things happen. A few weeks back I blogged that I was cancelling my Vimeo account and taking my videos elsewhere.  Well that didn't happen because I was unable to figure out how to cancel my account, before it auto renewed and to make matters worse it auto renewed two days before the expiration date, which created a TON of headaches on my end.

So, I have lowered the price of my video series, and will leave it at this price until the end of November at which time I plan to take it out of circulation and will replace it with a new video series.

Surface Design with Natural Dyes Series 
RENT $9.95 or BUY $34.95 it today!!! 

Studio Clean Up

I'll try to post pictures later this afternoon of my wet studio, I started cleaning it yesterday - and unpacking my stuff from the other place. It's slowly coming together, and involving a LOT of rearranging of everthing, but I have faith that eventually it'll be a real working studio again.

The problem with having BOTH a design studio, the place where I do all of my stitching etc., and a wet studio, the place where I do all of my dyeing and painting of fabrics, fibers, and papers is that they are seperated by a floor in between the two - and my knees don't like stairs anymore!

More later from the land of chaos and dust bunnies.

Rusted Carrier Rods

Here I'm making constructed cloth with the silk carrier rods. I've plans to rutst more rods this evening and do some further experimentation with them. I have more rusted rods that I'm making a evening bag out of, will post pictures later.

Working on this small project has helped me to resolve a quilt I've had on hold for a very long time. I will be overdyeing some rusted rods with cutch and adding them as embellishment to the quilt surface. The top photo is a detail shot of the constructed cloth.