This and That No. 3 in progress

It's stitched to a base, with quilt batting in between, of pink gingham fabric and its more of a rose color actually. The pom pom trim is sewn onto the bottom and it's now ready for embellishing. Buttons, beads, ribbons, glitter and maybe even a few suprises - been wanting to make some more paper beads.

All about Roses!

Roses it's all about the Roses I say! Someone swiped my roses out of my front yard, no kidding, they cut them down flush with the ground! So I'm consoling myself with some rose colored inspired silk carrier rods to make my own garden! I have extra's of these beauties, scent free of course, and am offering them up in my etsy shop!
I'll post what I've made with mine later tomorrow, I've been toying with spinning some bulky art yarns with these rods and then stitching them to a lovely garden inspired surface with an overlay of embroidery.

Stolen Roses

I'll have to go take pictures but someone stole my roses! No kidding and in my front yard next to the house no less! In addition to my roses they also swiped the blossoms off of my hosta's, have no clue what they wanted them for but whomever it was was quite precise in their cuttings. I willl be filing a police report this afternoon on this one as dh and I suspect it's the same person that has been stealing my grapevines.

If by chance I find out who it is I have every plan to file tresspassing charges and get a restraining order!