Iowa from 1000 Feet

8 x 11 inches - ish

Now for some more hand stitching.  Natural dyed and compost dyed fabrics cotton and silk.  Natural dyed silk eyelash yarn.  I found it hiding in a pile of UFO's (unfinished objects)  I started it several years ago, added the dark velvet circles for the bins and silo's this evening.

May's Fibery Giveaway

May's fibery giveaway (found out it wasn't spelled give away) consists of natural dyed cotton and silk fabrics, acid dyed silk carrier rods, the hot pink carrier rod fibers were dyed with cochineal, and hand dyed yarn bundle and cotton pearl cotton threads. What you don't see are some extra goodies I'm tucking in with this bundle, in the same color palette of course.

What you have to do is post a comment AND you MUST have an email addy so that I can contact you! No I won't use your email addy for anything other than this giveaway! You can sign in as anonymous but please leave your addy in your comment ~

Names will be drawn out of a hat, I'll have John do that part, and tomorrow I will announce the winner and contact the winner via email at Noon Central Time (gives you time to comment and me time to go to garage sales).

More Wool

The first batt blended, I love this cloud grey color it's the kind of color you see here on the prairie in late October into early December as the cold fronts slowly make their way here.

My first batt with this colorway. Greyish blues and greens with hints of lavender and sage.

I forget what this critter was, it was a sheep - maybe columbia I don't know I've had the wool on hand for close to ten years now. The staple was still of excellent quality and the luster - well yum! So I'm blending it with mohair and silk bombyx on my drum carder for art batts.

Inspire Me

the flowers were in a bag marked a dollar at the local fabric store! Sign me up they are bright and cheerful and a wonderful addition to any project I might have in mind.

Some where in this pile there is a piece of yarn I'm wanting to work with! I collect things, lots of bits of this and that they come in handy when wanting to work on various projects.

Some Ideas

Ink painted cotton fabric ironed to fuse a shade, I think the size is approx 2.5 by 3.25 inches (ATC sized)

I stitched the edges using my machine and laid down a bed of organinc stitches using free motion stitching.

I then stitched a silk flower to the tag using my machine and couched down some scrap bits of acrylic yarn in complimenting colors.

This could easily be made into a book mark, post card, or other small gift item. To finish it off I will add some beads and a tassle made with scraps of yarn, ribbons and threads.

Art Batt

Wool batt, silk carrier rods, silk sliver, flax, mohair roving, and thrums are available in my shop.

Normally I don't post here but wanted to share what I was up too tonight, I'm experimenting with some new art yarns. Right now I'm tired and am hurting a lot from doing yard work today, so I cheated and instead of making up a new batt I pulled a half used one out of my stash. The silk carrier rods to the right are rust dyed the others were dyed using acid dyes.

Quebracho samples

Here is a photo of the quebracho dyed silk pieces, the wool and the cotton didn't take the dye very well - or at all in my opinion! Anyway, the colors are very nice, not what I expected at all. Silk Dupioni fabric and Raw Silk Muga yarn are the samples here using Q. Red and Q. Black in seperate vats. Maybe I should combine the two vats for a third color - who knows maybe I'll finally get the color I've been striving for~!

Ice & Hand-Dyed Yarn

We are in the throes of a major ice storm here. I'm anticipating losing power as it's really coming down out there. Cell phones are charged, bought batteries for flashlights, am washing clothes as I write - will probably want plenty of clean wool socks to wear - and stocked up yesterday on kerosene for the lamps. DH wanted to use the propane heater for the house but hehehehehehe the tanks are frozen to the ground. Soooo I guess we'll have to use the kerosene heaters instead if need be! If I get a chance and the power is still on later I'll post pics of the great out doors, the digital camera is currently charging.
Here's some of my hand-dyed yarn, Loretta calls the colorway Clown Snot, I think of it as being more the colors of chicklets gum - remember that stuff!