Studio Update 061311

Moved my silk cocoon collect from the shelf in the library to the chicken coop in my n ew studio space, they won't stay here long as I have plans to flip the chicken coop over 180 degrees so that the cubbies on the coop are in the correct orientation. 

Once I'm finished unloading the shelf in the library John will break it down, it's nailed together, and then cut the shelves themselves down so that the unit isn't as wide, then reassemble the unit once again.

In the mean time I have lighting issues that need to be dealt with in my new studio space.  The painting will be moving into the library/family room once everything is set up, for right now this is the safest place for it :-(

Five Year Silk Fibers

Originally my wool bundles were in the basket atop the silk fibers, sometime last summer I removed the bundes as the silk fibers were still in prestine condition.  Now the fibers have started to decompose and in a really interesting manner.  The silk cocoons have been dyed with natural dyes.