Compost Dyeing and Other Fermentation Dyeing Techniques eBook

If you purchased a copy of my eBook "Compost Dyeing and Other Fermentation Dyeing Techniques" last year through Kindle and it is corrupted please let me know and I will send you a replacement copy!

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Natural Dye App Update

The new natural dye app is taking way longer than I had anticipated, I thought I would be done with it this afternoon but that isn't happening.  The good news is I discovered, thanks to my best friend Brenda, a much better way to present the app that will make it compeletely searchable, so the experience for the end usuer will be enjoyable, instead of a headache! 

Coming Soon ~ Natural Dye App

Bloodroot - Sanguinaria canadensis ~  just one of the many plants and plant images in the new app, in addition to parts to use, colors obtained, methods of extraction AND whether it's fast or fugitive!

The new natural dye app is taking a few days longer to finish than I anticipated, the good news is I currently have 120 plants in the database and there's room for about another 50-100 plants before all is said and done.  There are many wonderful things about this new database that excite me to no end, thanks to my best friend Brenda showing me how to set up filters!

If you'd like to be a beta tester for the new app please let me know :-)

The New Book and an eBook Sale!!!

The cat is out of the bag and yes I really am working on a new Natural Dyeing eBook!  I've been asked what to expect, well I won't say what the topic is exactly there will be, however, plenty of bells and whistles for those of you using smart tablets!  Interactive video, apps, and the like, see I've been a busy gal the past few months and I've got to say it's very hard keeping what I've been doing secret!!!

I'm hoping the big reveal will be sometime around Valentines Day 2013 so until then here's a Christmas Holiday sale for my existing eBooks!

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Yard Sale Success!


The yard sale was a hit yesterday with the troll fabric selling within the first fifteen minutes!  The sale was such a hit that Brenda and I are having another one the 29th so that we can purge our studios even more.  I have to admit I am seeing things in my studio I haven't looked at in almost a decade now, some I'm really happy to see and others it's time for those fabric, and fibers, etc. to go live elsewhere.

So far my Compost Dyeing eBook has sold two copies on Amazon!  YEAH!!!  Now I have to confess I'm scared spitless because I'm very new to how this all works via a third party seller.  Starting tomorrow I will begin fixing the edit changes in the print version of the book and hope to have that available and soon! 

An update coming up on my money post this week, I've been doing some serious soul searching on this topic. 

Also this week I will be hosting a mini blog yard sale for those of you who aren't local.