Busy, Busy

Holes detail. Machine and hand stitched painted timtex with aurifil threads.

I've been so busy with getting things done for an upcoming solo show, at Mary Greeley Hospital in Ames, Iowa, that I will be hanging on April 30th that I have forgotten to post here.  Lots of stitching and experimenting going on trying to hurry up and birth this new idea I have forming.  Photos and soon!

Lost and Found

Am looking through my stash of fabrics for a missing spool of thread, it's still missing, but I'm finding some yummies that are in need of pressing and stitching!  These pieces are from 2000-2002

Now that I'm into a new body of work based on my favorite marsh the ideas are starting to flow again.

I also found a few pieces for my "sandstone" series hiding in my stash of fabrics.

And maybe even a few new "Blood River Canyon" pieces.

Sorting Fabric

Sorting fabrics for future projects, and more specifically looking for a piece of pigment painted fabric that I've been really wanting to work with in a new project.

Rust dyed commercial fabrics from 2005/06 sitting atop a pile of hand painted fabrics from 2003-2006.  The log cabin block piece I made back in 1994 when I took a hand dyeing class from Priscilla Sage at Iowa State University.

Bound Resist fabrics, top, from 1994 and screen printed hand dyed fabrics from 2005.

Some of my older hand dyed and hand painted fabrics that I've been sorting through for various projects.
A pink piece I made from my screen printing squeegie scrapings, from a class I took with Tim McIllrath in 1994.

Porch Progress 092111

From this to:


Now to finish stripping and painting the porch soffit.  I've sanded and primed the hand rails, they will recieve their first coat of black paint tomorrow!  John has the trim to finish on two columns to the right, and then it's the big project taking the railings off of the porch, dismantel them, scrape, sand, prime, and paint the parts, put them back together and re-install.  Somewhere in this I will be winterizing my gardens.

Front Porch

All I have to do now is wash the porch and the furniture later this evening, sometime this summer the ceiling will be scraped, sanded, and then painted sky blue.  Then I'll paint the south facing wall, the wall with the oval window, Copper Pot (Sherwin Williams) and then finally the porch floor. I'll paint the columns a ruby red color and the porch rails, after they are repaired, will be various shades of sage green.

It all sounds weird I know but when all is said and done the house will be about 16 different colors, it already has 12 colors on it, and will look like classic Painted Lady.

Indian Corn Circa 1994/95

Indian Corn - Haboti Silk - Acid Dyes - 1994/95  I made these panels in a beginning dye class I took with Priscilla Sage (I'm thinking around 1994 now will have to check my old class notes).


Batik Panel - Acid Dyes

Dye Painted Panel - Acid Dyes

I've yet to get around to fninshing these pieces, I've been busy excavating my studio closet and found them a little bit ago. I'm thinking they need to be encrusted with stitching and beading!