Heart and Meaning Exercise

I've started some of the exercises in The Creative Entrepereneur by Lisa Sonora Beam. While coloring in my journal is a no brainer the questions are a lot harder to anwser than I anticipated. It's going to take some time to anwser them all -hmm maybe that's why it's called an impass in life?
The paint was still wet when I took this picture. Eventually I'll finish the writing, maybe in another journal the one I'm writing my business plan in, and will attach things to the pages in this one. Unlined Journal by Paper Chase.

FFAC Collage Mania Pieces

Ghost Tree #6
Ghost Tree #5
Ghost Tree #4
Ghost Tree #3
Ghost Tree #2
Ghost Tree #1
Materials: Found Paper, Ink, Paintstiks, Fabric Paint, Timtex, Wool Felt, Metallic Thread, Cotton Thread, Wool Yarn, Compost Dyed Silk Organza Net (Behind the center panel)
Size: each piece measures approx 8 1/8 x 5 3/8 inches

What I've been working on

Well if I wasn't in so much pain I'd be working on these extreme embroidery pieces! This is where you take traditional embroidery layering, distorting and simply pushing the surface until the desired result is achieved.

Here I'm starting with a piece of muslin (calico) that I've painted with Tsukineko inks and then with light gold Shiva Paintstiks for my base layer. The piece is 9" square and is now ready to be partied on!!! Now to just get my body to cooperate with my plans.