Fiber Purge Begins!!!

Tomorrow I shall be listing in my new ebay store, new because they apparently closed mine due to not using it for five years, wool and silk fibers of all types!  I also have gobs of needle felting and knitting tools I'll be divesting of, as I am now going in an entirely different direction with my studio.

Mohair in several color ways.

Loose hand dyed wool fibers of several varieties including llama and alpaca.

And I will also be divesting of some of my natural dyes, not the indigo or cochineal (yet anyway).

Raw Sienna and Raw Umber

I streamed tonight, such as it was... I say that because the audio kept dropping.  I will be streaming tomorrow evening from another site and hopefully that will work out.  Until then I posted in the Natural Surface Forum on the fruit fermentation reduction vat and about the earth pigments above.

Quebracho samples

Here is a photo of the quebracho dyed silk pieces, the wool and the cotton didn't take the dye very well - or at all in my opinion! Anyway, the colors are very nice, not what I expected at all. Silk Dupioni fabric and Raw Silk Muga yarn are the samples here using Q. Red and Q. Black in seperate vats. Maybe I should combine the two vats for a third color - who knows maybe I'll finally get the color I've been striving for~!

Malus sylvestris

Indigo Dye Raw Muga Silk Yarn
Indigo dye scrim etc.
Raw Muga Silk Yarn
Scrim, cheesecloth, etc.
I just love that name Malus sylvestris! It's so close to malice, it makes me think of trees could have malice, well it kinda leads one's mind to old children's fairey tales of walking in the woods and tree limbs suddenly reaching down and grabbing frightened unsuspecting children! It also makes me think of little trolls hiding around every corner.

Anyway, as per Nan's suggestion I've been dyeing parts for my quilt with natural dyes, indigo, quebracho black, and quebracho red onto cheese cloth, scrim, raw silk muga yarns, wool yarns, and more. The scrim came dyed a drab color, I picked it up at Hancock's years ago and have no idea where to purchase more. The cheesecloth I found in my stash of fabrics.