Fruit Fermentation Vat and Live Streaming

Attempted my first ever fruit fermentation vat this evening, notes about this are over in the Natural Surface forum, I liked it a LOT!  I streamed this session but was having a lot of issues with Ustream, so I will be streaming again tomorrow evening and from Google/YouTube Live instead of Ustream.  I will post a link tomorrow for the stream location.

I also worked with some earth pigments in this stream, it's recorded but will say I'm not sure how much of the recording has audio. 

I'm off to spend some quality time with hubs and my favorite pooch Angel.  See y'all tomorrow evening!

Prairie 2002

45x38ish inches
Natural Dyes
Silk Crepe de Chine

This is "Prairie" I found it last night in a wicker trunk with several other pieces to my 2002 Prairie Rermnant Solo Show.  I'm thinking of cutting it into four sections, after pressing, and machine stitching, maybe push the surface a little further, and work them into my Canyonland Series.  This while I wait on my indigo vat to do it's thing!

Couching Dilemma

I had a feeling this was going to happen, I love the indigo and tannin dyed sisal so much I used it all up.  So do I go start a new indigo vat, which won't be ready until Saturday to use at the earliest and that coincides with my yard sale which means no dyeing on Saturday, or do I couch something else down instead?  I have on tiny six inch bit left of the sisal and no idea where to put it on the piece!