2013 - The Year to make things Sparkle!

I knew this year was going to be a banner year when I found this date stamp at Staples, talk about an easy way to date entries in my journal, and I don't know if your like me or not but any empty space in my journal is fair game for whatever! 

Well for whatever reason, Blogger isn't allowing me to upload images at the moment, so take my word for it the stamp is way cool, if you're into office stamps, and has been a godsend!

North Garden In Progress

Last years garden growth.

Raked and shredded with the shredder. I will plant peas in this garden this coming week, and later this spring tomatoes and yellow wax beans.

And now mostly occupying one of the compost bins.  The super wet vegetation is on top we won't shred this due to it being super hard on the shredder.

Five Year Silk Fibers

Originally my wool bundles were in the basket atop the silk fibers, sometime last summer I removed the bundes as the silk fibers were still in prestine condition.  Now the fibers have started to decompose and in a really interesting manner.  The silk cocoons have been dyed with natural dyes.