WIP - Bjorkboda

Found while cleaning my sewing studio this afternoon, buried in a pile o UFO's (Unfinished Objects or in my case Projects!)

I remember now why I put it away, I started attaching stuff to the surface and then got stuck.  I may have to rip it all off now and try something different.

The techniques I used to create this piece are covered in my eBook Rust and Clay Dyeing which can be purchased here.  

Rust Dyeing eClass

Rust Dyed Cotton Fabric
Machine Stitched.

I'm working on the content for the Rust Dyeing eClass!!!  Learn how to rust dye fabric, paper, and how to overdye with tannins, etc., for a gorgeous one of a kind surface!

Bjorkboda detail.
Rust, tannin, and indigo dyed cotton fabric.
Machine and Hand stitched.

Couching Dilemma

I had a feeling this was going to happen, I love the indigo and tannin dyed sisal so much I used it all up.  So do I go start a new indigo vat, which won't be ready until Saturday to use at the earliest and that coincides with my yard sale which means no dyeing on Saturday, or do I couch something else down instead?  I have on tiny six inch bit left of the sisal and no idea where to put it on the piece! 

WIP - Bjorkboda 090412


Now with more hand stitching, and still plugging along!  I've missed several deadlines but at this point I don't care anymore, I have a vision for this piece and I want that vision to come to life but not in some half hearted fashion. 

In the mean time I'm contemplating dyeing some threads, for hand stitching, for this piece.  I still have the silk layer and the pieces of scrim that were dyed along with these layers and am thinking of starting a second piece for a new series.

WIP - Bjorkboda

I'm almost ready for the hand stitching, I filled in a bit more of the piece with machine stitching to reinforce it's structure.

The forgotten dye note text now dealt with which resulted in more brown scraggly stitching being added to the piece in a random manner. 

Some verticles.

I've started thinking about the cottonwoods and how stoic they look when shrouded in the ice fog of deep winter. 

To increase depth of color, texture, and over all interest apply tannic acid to your pieces while they are rusting. The simplist source for tannin is tea, however, tannic acids in the form of quebracho's give richer colors and depth. Immerse in a solution of soda ash and water for even deeper patterning.Note however that each step reduces the archivalness of your piece.
Happy Rusting