Dried Gelly Pens and Journal Pages

My gelly pens seem to have dried out somehow, there's still ink in the pens but the pens won't write. I've tried the water method to get the pens to work again but it didn't work.  If anyone has any tried and true techniques for making the gelly pens write again please let me know!

Still cutting papers for the soon to be created 60 Day Bird Challenge Journals.

Today I went through my scrap booking papers and discovered some really beautiful papters in my stash.  Those have now been cut down to size, 6x9 inches (and this is a 3+ inch stack of various papers!), and are ready to be incorporated into new journals.

Mark Making with Nature eBook Set MEGA SALE!!!

Black Friday thru Cyber Monday MEGA Sale

Titles Include:
  • Mark Making with Nature
  • Rust and Clay Dyeing
  • Compost Dyeing and Other Fermentation Dyeing Techniques
  • Getting Started with Natural Dyeing 
That 's 172 pages of how-to dye, paint, and print with natural dyes for $3.95!  Own them today!

The New Book and an eBook Sale!!!

The cat is out of the bag and yes I really am working on a new Natural Dyeing eBook!  I've been asked what to expect, well I won't say what the topic is exactly there will be, however, plenty of bells and whistles for those of you using smart tablets!  Interactive video, apps, and the like, see I've been a busy gal the past few months and I've got to say it's very hard keeping what I've been doing secret!!!

I'm hoping the big reveal will be sometime around Valentines Day 2013 so until then here's a Christmas Holiday sale for my existing eBooks!

All eBooks $3.99
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New Dye Book

Am working on a new natural dye book.  I've learned a lot since I've written the first three, and one of those important things is that this town is crawling with editors and graphic designerse looking for freelance work!  That should, hopefully, make my life much much easier and the book that much more beautiful, and easy to use.  

The latest book will be available in digital format only i.e., an e-Book. I know, I know a physical book is so much nicer, but so much more to publish and therefore costs more to purchase.  More later with a few sneak peak photos.  Until then remeber that these books are still available

Studio Update 071211

Tonight I spent the better part of the evening in the wood shop helping John construct another shelf system for my studio.  The end result of our time out there was not one but two different shelves being concieved for my new studio space... which he is more than willing to do so long as it means that I'm NOT bolting anything into the walls.   Tomorrow night we will finish the first shelf and Thursday we will finish the second shelf. 

I'm loving my new studio space, I was stressed that I wouldn't be able to create in the new space but much to my amazement the creativity has been overflowing.  The lack of central air during these very hot and very humid days has been the biggest deterent so far.

WIP - I am going to create a special page for the new pieces I've created this past week, all proceeds will be going towards my new central air unit and furnace.  Seems when the new smart meter went in most of my appliances went "uh no I don't think so and died" this would include the central air and furnace. 

To Thine Own Self Be True

And I haven't been.  Last year I was approached by a big publishing house to write a book about natural dyeing.  They laid out what they wanted and as much as I try I just cannot produce a book for their formula. 

Don't get me wrong their formula is most excellent, it's just not me and when it comes to dyeing fabric, fibers, and yarns I put a ton of me into the work.  I guess that's the epiphany when writing a book about dyeing with natural dyes I'm writing about me and if you were to ask me what IS wrong with my first three books is they exclude me! 

The end result was I quit producing, I floundered, I quit producing cloth, finished works, and I quite writing about what I was doing.  Why I felt shame and guilt about this is beyond me, it was after all their formula and they didn't want to know about me they wanted me to fit into their forumla.

So with that in mind the books, the DVD's, etc. will soon change and you will be seeing less mind numbing instruction and a whole lot more of "me".  It's the effort of shutting out the other voices that tell you who you are and what you should be, that is the hard part.  I've come to the conclusion that those who insist, no demand, on telling you who you are and what you should be really don't care two whits about who/what you are or will be.

Coming soon, "the real me", get ready world because here I come!

Of e-Books and Other Things

I finally found a source so that I could make my books available as a digital download :-)  Check out my website for more information, I'm hoping to make the downloads available from my blogs as well.

Am still recuperating from a nasty fall two weeks ago, I've been using the down time to get caught up on desk work, book projects, and a new video project which will be shot once it warms up this spring.  Until then I will continue to stream twice a month the recorded videos are available on Ustream.