Hacks on a Shipping Tag

L-R Life Hacks, Pattern Hacks, Business Hacks, Photoshop and Illustrator  Hacks in front.

Back when I was subscribed to Alsyon Stanfields tribe she had us write down daily affirmations onto cards or tags, which I dutifully did and placed said tags onto a ribbon.

Then on day I noticed that Jamie Fingal had her pattern tags she was creating and she had organized them onto a metal ring.  Bingo, I have a ton of those, and I had a ton of these tags laying around that I was leaving notes on for Photoshop, Illustrator, and the like.

So I reorganized them, and I'm in love with this method of note organization.  Yes I still keep a daily journal and sketchbook, but it's super convenient to have all of my patterns on a ring on my table, or my life hacks on a ring and not have to dig through a journal from way back when to see what inspired me that day.  Yes I still put my life hacks/inspirations/affirmations into my sketchbooks and journals, doing so allows me to see where I've been and how far I've come!

Dualing Diamonds Collections

Dualing Diamonds One

Dualing Diamonds Two

These will be available through my Spoonflower Shop later this evening. 

I learned how to make t his pattern this past spring when I was researching how to make sunflowers using Illustrator and happened upon a youtube tutorial on how to make Lotus Blossoms instead.  I have to admit the idea of using illustrator to create such a complicated looking object was a wee bit terrifying at first, but after two days of practicing I had my very first Lotus.