Redid the studio last night, we moved my sewing table to the west side of the studio space where there was better lighting especially during the daytime, the east side of the studio has a cave like feeling.

Lots of lovely natural light!

Some natural dyed WIP's on my sewing table.

Studio Update 071211

Tonight I spent the better part of the evening in the wood shop helping John construct another shelf system for my studio.  The end result of our time out there was not one but two different shelves being concieved for my new studio space... which he is more than willing to do so long as it means that I'm NOT bolting anything into the walls.   Tomorrow night we will finish the first shelf and Thursday we will finish the second shelf. 

I'm loving my new studio space, I was stressed that I wouldn't be able to create in the new space but much to my amazement the creativity has been overflowing.  The lack of central air during these very hot and very humid days has been the biggest deterent so far.

WIP - I am going to create a special page for the new pieces I've created this past week, all proceeds will be going towards my new central air unit and furnace.  Seems when the new smart meter went in most of my appliances went "uh no I don't think so and died" this would include the central air and furnace. 


Well I've finally made the decision I'm moving my studio out of it's current space, a second story bedroom, into the living and dining room, these two rooms are open to each other.  What the casual obsevery doesn't know is that my "design studio" has bled over into three other rooms, four rooms if I count all of the mixed media items that are hogging space in my wet studio, of the house and well most of the time I have no idea what I have as far as supplies are concerned.

With John's blessing we have been pouring over various studio organization books, and magazines, and will over the next 2-3 months move my studio into the living and dining rooms, thus consolidating everything so that I can work more effectiently.  I will also be working towards divesting of 'stuff' that I am no longer using and/or interested in using in my artwork. 

The upside is I will have a guest bedroom again AND my current studio space will officially become my office space/library for all of those books I have bought over the years for my studio.  Thank you Alyson for that encouragement!

Todays Activities

*5 quarts and 13 pints of pork loin in the pressure canner.
*Wash the outsides of 11 quarts of beef chili, label them, and find shelf space to store them on (ok that one may take a miracle). 11 in 121 seal rate not bad.
*Chinese for dinner, made by moi' of course!
*Rescue my wind beaten tomato plants, convince them they want to grow on the trellis' instead using tomato tape to reinforce that idea!
*Celebrate because I sold two art quilts today!!!

Bye Bye Back Yard

We moved the clothes line poles today and tilled up the area they were inhabiting, it is now garden! Several weeks ago we removed the walkway pavers and the clothesline with lush green lawn will go there instead. In another week I'll be able to remove the remainder of my Hosta's, which will go live in the front yard with the Peonies, and the walkway will go there, and actually be straight making my husband one very happy person!