WIP ~ Sandman

WIP ~ Sandman
4x6 or so inches
Natural and rust dyed cotton scrim atop monoprinted muslin fabric.  Hand stitched with natural and commercial dyed cotton threads, wool batting.

I will be adding some machine stitching next and then will go back into the piece with more stab stitching, maybe layer some more cheesecloth onto the surface and then add french knots and some coils.

This is a small piece I started around 7pm this evening designed to get me back into the habit of stitching as I have a solo show to prep for that I'll be hanging in April, most of those pieces will be machine stitched and then waxed (encaustic).

Malus sylvestris

Indigo Dye Raw Muga Silk Yarn
Indigo dye scrim etc.
Raw Muga Silk Yarn
Scrim, cheesecloth, etc.
I just love that name Malus sylvestris! It's so close to malice, it makes me think of trees could have malice, well it kinda leads one's mind to old children's fairey tales of walking in the woods and tree limbs suddenly reaching down and grabbing frightened unsuspecting children! It also makes me think of little trolls hiding around every corner.

Anyway, as per Nan's suggestion I've been dyeing parts for my quilt with natural dyes, indigo, quebracho black, and quebracho red onto cheese cloth, scrim, raw silk muga yarns, wool yarns, and more. The scrim came dyed a drab color, I picked it up at Hancock's years ago and have no idea where to purchase more. The cheesecloth I found in my stash of fabrics.