Thanks to the 60 Day Bird Journal Challenge I'm back to drawing birds, and right now I'm in an art bird frame of mind!  Here is my half duck half water bird I'm working on this afternoon.

Tonight's activities include clearing my drawing and drafting tables so that I can start working on my crow panels once again.  It's snowing here today so it seems like the perfect day to focus exclusively on my studio.

I have a solo show coming up this spring and I have yet to decide what I will put in the show, this is code for I haven't started yet and I haven't a clue!  It'll be fiber art of some sort, 2D for the most part, and may involve more crows, and corn of course, and maybe some Queen Anne's lace???


Tomatoes anyone???

Neighbors crab apple isn't doing so hot this morning.

That's a five foot tall burning bush under that snow, or it was anyway.

My beloved red oak, the branches are nearly touching the ground when they should be up another ten or so feet in the air.  It's this tree that I'm the most worried about at the moment, hopefully the wind doesn't bring it down!!!