Hacks on a Shipping Tag

L-R Life Hacks, Pattern Hacks, Business Hacks, Photoshop and Illustrator  Hacks in front.

Back when I was subscribed to Alsyon Stanfields tribe she had us write down daily affirmations onto cards or tags, which I dutifully did and placed said tags onto a ribbon.

Then on day I noticed that Jamie Fingal had her pattern tags she was creating and she had organized them onto a metal ring.  Bingo, I have a ton of those, and I had a ton of these tags laying around that I was leaving notes on for Photoshop, Illustrator, and the like.

So I reorganized them, and I'm in love with this method of note organization.  Yes I still keep a daily journal and sketchbook, but it's super convenient to have all of my patterns on a ring on my table, or my life hacks on a ring and not have to dig through a journal from way back when to see what inspired me that day.  Yes I still put my life hacks/inspirations/affirmations into my sketchbooks and journals, doing so allows me to see where I've been and how far I've come!