Prairie Potholes

I've been working on producing 1 piece at least every other day, the goal is to create a line of progression and wrap a gallery with them, in a single line. Clear as mud??? The smaller pieces go quicker and utilize scraps better than the larger pieces do. I keep coming back to the simple dot design which I find frustrating as I'm really wanting to push the surface especially by mixing my materials, yet I keep coming back to this design - which looks rather cartoonish from my vantage point. Maybe tomorrow right???

New dyed fibers

Here's a hat Regina Rooks (you can see her blog here http://rgrdesigns.blogspot.com/) made for me, from hand-dyed wool yarn I purchased seveeral years ago. It'd be perfect for a small childs head.

A close up of the batts, click on an image to get an even bigger view.

I've been dyeing fibers and making batts for the shop. Most of these are blends of silk bombyx sliver, Austrailian wool, and mohair. Some of the batts have angelina in them. Some are really pretty, I don't have a picture of them will do that tomorrow, pinks and greens, yellows and greens. Using the drum carder makes my back ache.