This and That No. 3

Update still in progress added some yummies to the right side, I'll finish beading the right side this evening. I haven't decided if there's enough yummies on the right side yet I have some larger pieces of lace I'm thinking of adding first. Once I start adding beads there won't be a surface to stitch through to attach the lace. I may add some aqua/dark turqoise trim on the rights side first to balance the color.

This and That No. 3 - in progress

I've added some beads to the crown piping and need to add more, I've been going through my stash of beads and am coming up with nothing as a pony bead is too big and I want to use something bigger than a 11/0 bead. The one bead I have that is the correct size is the wrong color, so maybe it doesn't need more beads on the piping??? Yet it tells me it wants to be encrusted!


One very sick kitty, I've been giving him about a quarter cup of pedialite every half hour to stave off dehydration, he's started fighting me a very good sign! HE's been relegated to the basement because of the diarreha, he'd rather be on our bed, we'd rather he wasn't. It's also safer for him there because the dogs can't get to him. So there he sleeps in a laundry basket with his water and a litter box two feet away.

Sunday Activities

My poor poor stove! God bless the person who invented oven cleaner because that's what it'll take to get the pans clean on my stove top!!!

As you can see I have a rather vintage kitchen, ala 1950's remodel style kitchen. John at the rather vintage sink cleaning the stove grates. Tomorrow's lunch is cooking away in my vintage crock pot, they just don't make green appliances like that anymore ;-) I've been color testing in the kitchen, the cabinets will be ladybug red, a good choice if I don't mind saying so myself.
14 quarts on the counter and 7 quarts on the table, with another 7 quarts to join those and right quickly.

John did the canning today, he made 28 quarts of applesauce using the last of our Lodi apples. I sorted the apples and helped with dishes and did laundry but my main task today was to keep the cat from dying, no kidding. I'm hoping my vet will be available tomorrow, seems the little bugger is severely impacted, did you know you need a vet to get laxatives for a cat??? I didn't, anyway... Here are a few pics of Johns hard work, and one very sick kitty.