Birds in Tree with Madder Lac

Madder lac natural dye extract screen printed, using deconstructed screen printing techniques with my Birds in Tree Inverse Stencil, onto cochineal dyed cotton fabric.

Birds in Tree Inverse Stencil taped to the front of a traditional silk screen for deconstructed screen printing!  Stay tuned for more on this technique!!!

Learn more about these techniques in my eBook and Video series 
Mark Making with Nature!!! 

New Vinyl

There's nothing like new vinyl on my table to make me realize just how beat up the old piece was, it was 5-6 years old I think... it might have been older I'm losing track of things as I get older.  Anyway, our local WM still sells fabric so I was able to get a replacement vinyl for not too much money, which says a lot when you need 4 continious yards of the stuff!

Roadside Wonders WIP

I've been working on this piece for several years now, last year it sat hiding in my closet due to my being pre-occupied with flooding etc. It's time to fetch some green plants from the ditches and do more monoprinting with the plants. The central block no longer works for me and I

plan to do something else now.

Dream World

Whilest I wait upon my other fabrics to finish dyeing, for Malus sylvestris, I've been busily pressing some of my compost dyed fabrics - many of which are now being listed in my store. Then I found this piece tonight, it looks all dreamy and stormy.
This piece is definately calling out to me, I see large thunderstorm clouds, the screen printed lace bit thrown is leads one to think all sorts of things - having survived one F5 and one F3 twister in my short life I'm sure you can imagine the sorts of things I'm imagining!