Making Hamburger Patties

John making hamburger patties using our LEM hamburger press, I really prefer my mom's old three piece tupperware press but alas that was the one thing I didn't get after she passed.  Dad says he has no idea where it made off to as  he really liked it as well.

Waxed paper is a must or you'll never get your patty out of the hamburger press.  John makes 6x6 inch pieces of waxed paper, he says it also helps to keep them seperated when frozen, and he's right they are WAY easier to seperated.

Thirty one five ounce meat balls waiting to be pressed into patties! A ten pound tube of 85% yields about 32 patties more or less.

And this is what they look like before they are put into freezer bags.  If you wanted to keep them a very long time then I recommend vacuum sealed bags, instead of freezer bags, to prevent freezer burn.

It's the Precious Things in Life

John and Thomas hanging out watching tv.  My uncle Gary, my dad's youngest sister's husband, passed away tonight at the young age of 56, the same age my mom was when she passed away in 2005.  He's one year younger than John, deaths of loved ones sure make you take a second look at what is the most precious in life, all else is just fluff or unnecessary stress.

Pen Organizer

In August John asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told him a desk organizer for my pens, copic markers, gel pens, etc.  Well being married to a woodworker is a lot like being married to a cobbler, family always comes last, customers come first!  Any bets on how soon I'll get my christmas present???

My plan is to clear coat the inside with some polyurethane and paint the outside, I just haven't decided on which colors yet.

If you are interested in purchasing an organizer please send me and email and I'll shoot you an PayPal invoice, please allow three weeks for delivery.