Angel Update

She's doing much better, here she is getting ready to take a nap on the nest that Oliver made for her.  I've never seen a dog do this for another dog before, but maybe it's natural? Oliver collected a variety of polar fleece blankets we have in the family room, and most of my dish towels (that he could get to anyway) and some select pieces (who knows what a Doodle is really thinking right) of paper out of the mail pile and the trash can and made a nest for Angel right inside the family room door next to my spot on the sofa

She's gained about a pound or so now that I've convinced her that wet dog food is in fact edible, I found some sensitive stomach lamb and rice wet food and so far she's doing much better.  Tomorrow she gets a bath!

So who knows, her bark is still pretty weak but we think that she may have had a stroke at some point and this is why she no longer twirls or barks like before. She's officially 15/16 years old, she's lived with us for nine years now; we were told when we adopted/rescued her that she was approximately 5-7 years of age.

Angels Nest

It's one hot mess, yeah I know this, but don't even try to remove the "nest".  Oliver made this nest for Angel, yeah my 78 pound labradoodle really did this!  And if we remove it he only brings in more stuff for the old one to sleep on, which at this point is fine because I don't have to worry about her trying to get up or down from the sofa and hurting herself in the process.

There's a part of me that'd like to believe that Oliver feels guilty for having destroyed Angels princess bed and this is why he keeps making nests for her, but we all know that's not the case.

We're still hand feeding her, and she's become quite picky with some days not eating at all.  I've been blessed in that my neighbors help me out with her from time to time, like when I have to go places, and they have experience with an elderly dog whose time upon this earth is growing short. 

She's been with us nine years today, yes I got her on my birthday nine years ago she was a rescue, its hard to believe as the time has passed and quickly, her actual age is somewhere around 15/16 years.

Family Room Partial Redux

Oliver at home on the new, to him, rug in the freshly cleaned family room.

I didn't think to take a before photo and this is probably a good thing!  Needless to say we spent the past two days taking apart, deep cleaning, and then putting back together with a replacement rug no less, the family room.  No small feat on our part because the dogs wanted to be in the middle of everything the entire time.  But we got'er done and I have to say mostly due to John's particpation in the whole process!  Another words it wouldn't have ever have happened if he hadn't been home to help me. 

Notice the beautiful rug in the previous photo, it's replacing the neutral number that has been ruined by my shelties relentless need to pee on it!  The new, it's actually not new we've had it in storage for about seven years now, rug is scotch guarded and well will hide the pee stains much better... unfortunately my red oak floor was ruined from Angel's relentless need to pee in the same spot for the past nine years.

She's NOT happy about the new rug and will barely come into the family room.  Btw her peeing issue is due to having been spayed improperly... from what I've learned it was the breeder herself that spayed Angel and NO she had no vet training.

A very unhappy sheltie!

And lastly, hillbilly puppy training!  He's already set the trap off that was in a skillet on the stove.  He's learning!