Desk Ideas

I'll have to clean it out first, but this lovely little secretaries desk sits right across from my computer table in my studio!  It won't replace my office desk, but will give me a place to put important stuff that I use on a daily basis in my studio.  Speaking of my office it's in sad need of cleaning, ever since I moved the computer out of there I haven't been spending any time in there, which I need to resolve and soon.

On My Desk 081313

Before - See the media trays on both sides of the table?  Well Oliver noticed them as well, turns out he has expensive tastes loves those soft paint brushes and those spendy colored pencils.  Sooooo...

Hubs made me a shelf last night, out of mdf, for my media trays and other supplies.  One of the perks was a spot for my sketch books on each shelf, now they are close at hand.  The biggest perk is having a larger work area and a spot at the left hand of my table for my large sketch books!


Still working on getting my desktop organized, but with the help of my neighbor, I was able to get some of the computer issues resolved, one of them was replacing the network card and adding more RAM to the machine, the best part was  the addition of the second workstation moniter.  The new addition is already making video editing much nicer, ditto on writing in InDesign.

Pen Organizer

In August John asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told him a desk organizer for my pens, copic markers, gel pens, etc.  Well being married to a woodworker is a lot like being married to a cobbler, family always comes last, customers come first!  Any bets on how soon I'll get my christmas present???

My plan is to clear coat the inside with some polyurethane and paint the outside, I just haven't decided on which colors yet.

If you are interested in purchasing an organizer please send me and email and I'll shoot you an PayPal invoice, please allow three weeks for delivery.