New Flower Garden

John tilled a 28 inch wide strip for me out front this is where my new, well new to me I salvaged a double loop wire fence on city trash day, fence will go. There I will transplant my peonies, that are languishing along side our garage in a very unihabitable location, all rocks and the neighbors obnoxious climbing vine. On the south side of the fence I will put my hostas, which will be transplanted, and divided, from the back yard. If I ever make it to the potting table today I have a bunch of fox glove and other plants to get started, as plugs, that will go out in the front garden. My ultimate goal is to turn my entire yard, save the spot for the sheltie, into a cottage garden.

And as you can see from the text and such I am having problems with my wacom tablet today.


I took a bunch of pictures (185 pics in all) of my peonies tonight, and found myself being greatly inspired but the petal and leaf shapes of this particular plant. I have some silk fabrics that I dyed using cochineal and madder root that I stitched but never went any further with them, now I'm wondering how I can go dimensional with these fabrics, in effect capturing the essence of these beautiful flowers!

Note I"m not sure why the pictures are loading with this distortion, they don't look like this in Photoshop!