Studio Redux 073011

If all goes well I may actually get to watch Paula stream live tonight from my new mixed media area in my new studio!  John hasn't found the ends for the dsl wire yet, he has to make a new longer cable for me. 

The knee is feeling slightly better, after last nights horrific fall on the back landing.  John didn't look to pleased when I told him that I was going to be putting non-slip rubber duckie decals down on the floor.  It's the one place in the house that I have consistantly hurt myself on in the last 10 years and it's because that floor becomes ultra slick with even the slightest hint of moisture.  This time the moisture was left by a 12 pound tri-color sheltie who decided she couldn't wait any longer.

Angel the puddle maker.

Olof - WIP

John has been helping me with the construction of my latest pieces, running the saws and drills for cut outs etc., he cracked a huge grin when he put Olof's eyes in place which he picked, I was going to use gauages for the eyes, but John decided that Olof needed gears for eyes instead.  The gears definately changed the mood from dark to spry, Olof has a joker side, he loves playing practical jokes on people and may even revel in scaring them a wee bit.  I'm currently auditioning mouth pieces and body colors.