Image Issues

I'm not sure why I'm not able to upload images in "compose" mode, but I discovered I could do so by switching over the HTML mode.  Anywho... this is my new date stamp love, love, love it, I'm having so much fun just stamping dates all over my journal.  Super nerdy I know, but then that's just me, a dyed in the wool nerd!  And now with my date stamp it's easier to date my skeins, etc. after spinning, dyeing, and what not.

Image Transfer Workshop and Faux Polaroid Transfers

The image transfer workshop went off without any glitches today and fun was had by all!  Some of the transparencies were slick on both sides, the Staples Transparencies (I didn't purchase these so have no idea which ones they were as I didn't see the orignal packaging).  When the students printed onto the Staples transparencies it had a really runny effect and at first glance looked like a Polaroid Transfer.  The image above was one printed off by a student, since she had the original photo (of an angel in one of the local cemetaries) she sent this sample home with me!  Needless to say I'll be making a stop at Staples tomorrow to see about purchasing some of those transparencies as the achieved effect was really exciting.

Image Transfers - Hand Sanitizer Method

I have to say by and large I love love the hand sanitizer method over the CitraSolv (concentrate) method and for one reason - it doesn't stink to high heaven like the CitraSolv does!  Hence no instant migraines. 

Soooo thank you to everyone on the Image Transfer List for discovering and then discussing the hand sanitizer technique!  This is a terrific technique to use that is quick and works everytime, just one more to add to my growing library of image transfers - yes this is a longggggggggggg way from the acetone transfers I was doing back in the early 90's!

Off to paint some papers, do more transfers using paint, my favorite method of all because of the serendipity of the technique, and assemble some books for this coming weekends workshop.

Printing onto webbing

Or Bondaweb as it is called in some places. This is a medium weight webbing, the heavier stuff prints well also - note I'm using my cheap Epson CS86 to do this with, not an expensive inkjet printer. You can also print directly onto regular, non fusible, interfacing as well.

the bottom images are on papers, the top prints are on various types of interfacings and webbings. These are from several years ago, according the file info, it's been awhile since I've done any transfers. I did take notes, so will have to consult them now, but I don't remember having any backing on the fusible webbing as went through the printer.