Oil Paint and Cold Wax

Cottonwoods. Oil paint & Cold wax. 5 x 8 inches on canvas paper.

Cottonwoods. Oil paint & Cold wax. 5 x 8 inches on canvas paper.

I’ve been experimenting this past week with water mixable oil paints and cold wax. Not sure what I think about this medium, yet, other than working small is not working for me so it’s time to set up the easel.

This painting evolved from memories of the cottonwood stand at my favorite marsh, Bjorkboda, in Hamilton County, Iowa. I was there last month and many of the trees have now fallen over and only a few remain. I need to go back and take some photos to share and soon.

Field at Dusk

Field at Dusk kbaxterpackwood.jpg

Field at Dusk. 9 x 6 inches. Oil bar on watercolor paper.

Decided to break out the oil bars this afternoon and do a little “coloring” as my husband calls it, lol. It was fun to just lay some color down onto some paper and not worry if it would work or not, just explore. He then requested I add some pheasants to the grassy area, which probably won’t happen.



I created, and just submitted my new Patreon page for review! In the process of looking for imagery for my account I found this guy hiding in a stack of papers. I’ll be gathering my drawing supplies and clearing my easel so I can create more birds like this Owl for my patrons.

Charcoal, conte, graphite, gesso, watercolor paper

18x20 inches