Oliver Files ~ Sick Puppy

He's been one sick puppy today, am not sure what he got into yesterday or last night, whatever it was it seems to be slowly working it's way out of his system.

Mean while... back at the studio... I cleaned an area in my studio so I can pack up my artwork for a solo show I'm hanging this weekend.  You can learn more about this upcoming show at my studio blog.

Oliver Files: The Watcher

This is the hurry up and pick out those hexagons stare, he finally gave up and went to sleep.  He really wants to play with my fabrics, and trims which wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't so insistent on shredding everything.

Said hexagons, the smaller ones were dyed with natural dyes the deep red obtained using a turkey red recipe, the blue using indigo. See my natural dyeing blog for more information.

Family Room Partial Redux

Oliver at home on the new, to him, rug in the freshly cleaned family room.

I didn't think to take a before photo and this is probably a good thing!  Needless to say we spent the past two days taking apart, deep cleaning, and then putting back together with a replacement rug no less, the family room.  No small feat on our part because the dogs wanted to be in the middle of everything the entire time.  But we got'er done and I have to say mostly due to John's particpation in the whole process!  Another words it wouldn't have ever have happened if he hadn't been home to help me. 

Notice the beautiful rug in the previous photo, it's replacing the neutral number that has been ruined by my shelties relentless need to pee on it!  The new, it's actually not new we've had it in storage for about seven years now, rug is scotch guarded and well will hide the pee stains much better... unfortunately my red oak floor was ruined from Angel's relentless need to pee in the same spot for the past nine years.

She's NOT happy about the new rug and will barely come into the family room.  Btw her peeing issue is due to having been spayed improperly... from what I've learned it was the breeder herself that spayed Angel and NO she had no vet training.

A very unhappy sheltie!

And lastly, hillbilly puppy training!  He's already set the trap off that was in a skillet on the stove.  He's learning!

Oliver's Run Part One

Before, this is my garden that literally went to seed and to the weeds, this summer.  John mowed almost everything down, and now there's room for the new, to Oliver, dog run.  Our neighbor, Praise God, is giving us their dog run to add to our dog run so it'll go from being 12x16x6 feet to that size plus another 12x8x6 feet, I think it may actually be larger than that, we'll know for sure tomorrow once we have it all set up.

After, a few native plants were spared the lawn mower blade. Specifically the milkweed and the two white plastic buckets, which have their bottoms removed, are protecting my prairie dye plants.

Will post more photos tomorrow once we get the dog run up and usable.

Day Two Morning Two

This morning Oliver knocked me down when I let him out of the crate he was so excited he then proceeded to walk on Angel three times before I could get his training collar and leash on him.  John and I really need to work on our timing with the dogs in the morning so he has one and I have the other one, Angel will leave a mess in the house if I take Junior outside without her. 

He's Here!!!

Introducing Oliver, aka Junior!!! He's a labradoodle and at eight months of age weighs in at 75 pounds.

He is super affectionate, phantom kisses you never see them coming, and he's super excited to be here with us.  Today training began it's crate day.  So far we've been out on two short walks and have had meals, potty breaks (he's done both so I'm no longer worried about him - he got sick, really sick, in the transport crate yesterday on the ride up from Texas) and have had moments to explore the house and then it's back to his crate so he knows where his den is located and that it's all his.

I'm also still puppy proofing the house, turns out he can put his front paws on the fridge and pull food off the top of the fridge!  (eep)  When he sits next to the kitchen table he's tall enough to simply lay his head on the table, and that tongue, it manages to swipe everything within reach.

So I'm spending time cleaning and talking to him and Angel.  The cats want to know who the grey monster is!