Angel Update

She's doing much better, here she is getting ready to take a nap on the nest that Oliver made for her.  I've never seen a dog do this for another dog before, but maybe it's natural? Oliver collected a variety of polar fleece blankets we have in the family room, and most of my dish towels (that he could get to anyway) and some select pieces (who knows what a Doodle is really thinking right) of paper out of the mail pile and the trash can and made a nest for Angel right inside the family room door next to my spot on the sofa

She's gained about a pound or so now that I've convinced her that wet dog food is in fact edible, I found some sensitive stomach lamb and rice wet food and so far she's doing much better.  Tomorrow she gets a bath!

So who knows, her bark is still pretty weak but we think that she may have had a stroke at some point and this is why she no longer twirls or barks like before. She's officially 15/16 years old, she's lived with us for nine years now; we were told when we adopted/rescued her that she was approximately 5-7 years of age.