Studio Redux 110211

Working on the drawing/painting space portion of the studio. I still need to move the canned goods out of the hutch and then paint the inside of the hutch a hot carnation pink color!

From peach to black in less than 30 minutes!  The hutch is the future home of my painting and drawing supplies, along with still life objects and inspirational items.

This and That No. 3

Update still in progress added some yummies to the right side, I'll finish beading the right side this evening. I haven't decided if there's enough yummies on the right side yet I have some larger pieces of lace I'm thinking of adding first. Once I start adding beads there won't be a surface to stitch through to attach the lace. I may add some aqua/dark turqoise trim on the rights side first to balance the color.

New Fabric

This fabric, white upholstry, came from my aunt Sondra it's a creamy off white weave.

Stack of calico's and a fancy white fabric with gold threads woven throughout the fabric

Peachy pink tulle or netting

Some sort of cotton and silk blend fabric, I like the weave.

I had to go to JoAnn's today as I was needing some flannel fabric, seems I only have scraps of said fabric type and found a wonderful selection of fabrics on clearance. I'll be sure to make something really yummy with these and post the results here and soon.