Triptych Update

I was all set to quit working on this particular piece, the triptych that is, and decided to try backing the panels with canvas in hopes that doing so would make stitching the interfacing easier.  I was correct, it did I have yet to have to clean a goober off of my needle, I'm not sure if it's the coarseness of the canvas or what but WOW what a difference it is making.  I'm hoping to have the core stitching done tonight so I can apply the rest the paint tomorrow.

Pushing a Deadline

It would not be natural for me if I wasn't pushing a deadline!  Seems that my ah ha moments are lot richer, and more frequent the closer I approach the deadline, well at first blush this is what it would appear to be.  I think the reality, that is far more likely, is instead of entertaining a multitude of ideas I'm more brutal in my choices, rejecting everything but the strongest of ideas for a piece.

In this current bout of decison making I've decided that stitching fabrics that have been treated with matte medium is far more exciting, and a whole lot easier, than stitching painted interfacing. There's less glue gobbers, from the manufacturing process for making interfacing, to remove from the needle etc.

Change of Color

Was contemplating my new color palette today and was questioning myself as to WHY I'd ever want to go back to working with bold or primary colors.

And then I remembered what my work looked like hanging at the Fisher Art Center last summer, how each piece blended perfectly into the natural red brick wall.  And then it dawned on me subconciously I automatically started working on a bold primary color palette for this new body because the walls at Cafe Diem are also a natural red brick!   There's no sense making 24 new pieces that will simply disappear into the brick wall, or is there?

Will share WIP photos as I work this issue out!