Bump in the Road

I encountered a bump in the road last night, on my journey to churn out 21 new works for a show we are haning on Sunday.  Last night, while attempting to cook dinner, I managed to get my finger jammed into a drawer, thusly crushing my right index finger tip -  yeah I was in a LOT of pain!

I'm feeling a little better today just not using this finger, which is not only slowing me down but is now causing me to become more inventive, innovative maybe, in finishing my works.  Stitching isn't working out so well today, maybe tomorrow. 

So now I'm "what iffing" what if I try just glueing my fabrics directly to the canvas, w/o stitching, instead of stitching them, applying matte medium and the whole process.  Is the meaning and intent the same?  What does the image say?  Is the story now different somehow, and if so then how?  More tomorrow.