Cranberry Apple Sauce or Saucy Apples

I used six rome apples, cutting them up into small chunks. I leave the peels on the apples this adds fiber to the sauce. If you want a smoother sauce blend it in a mixer when the sauce is done.

Add Cranberries to the apples.

Add one cup of sugar.

Add an inch and a half of water to the pot - I used a 3 quart pot.

Cook on medium heat until the apples are soft and the cranberries are cooked, about 20 minutes.

Stir frequently so as to not scorch the sauce.

I start with the sauce covered but to keep it from being too liquidy I take it off in the last 7 minutes or so.

Cook the sauce down until very tender and slightly thickened.

6 - 8 tart apples, I used Rome Apples for this batch of sauce and 1 bag of cranberries fresh or frozen do NOT used canned. I use one cup of sugar for sweetener. Dh want me to add a bag of cinnamon red hots next time instead. This can be canned up as is in a Boiling Water Bath, I used quart jars and processed it for 20 minutes - adjust for your altitude.

Cranberry Applesauce

Or saucy applesauce as we like to call it, unforutnately it didn't come out nearly as chunky as we like it, frustrated with the sauce sticking to the bottom of the pan I buckled under and used the stick blender to break the sauce down even further. Well... you know what they say about good intentions right. So it's mostly very creamy sauce, it tastes wonderful and looks beautiful but...

I also fell short on the cranberries, the sauce really needed about four more pounds of cranberries to give it that tart flavor we like and so well. I have one jar that didn't seal for some reason I guess we will have to make the ultimate sacrifice and eat that jar of sauce now!!! As you can see I enjoyed a cinnamon roll with some sauce.

What's that Smell!

I spent the better part of yesterday trying to find what had died in the laundry room. It started when I emptied the dehumidfier into the floor drain and persisted through the evening. I poured water down the floor drain again and every time I did so the odor got worse.

I finally found the problem - dead tree frog! No kidding. A few weeks ago I found myself trying to track down the weird sounding cricket in the laundry room, partly thinking it sounded a LOT like a tree frog. Well said tree frog must have come in with the bushels of apples because there is no other reason for a tree frog to want to come into my house! It was either looking for a way out of the house or for water, anyway it is no more poor little fella.

Apple Butter

That's my kitchen floor that you are seeing, yep it really is, off to the sides of the table! It's been in this condition for something like 13 years now, long before dh and I got married it's just bare maple and in other places bare plywood making it a royal pain to wash. There's no sponge mopping in this room I use a real mop one of those big commercial ones, as it's the only thing that doesn't fall apart when used on this floor. Also if your thinking of going the bare plywood floor route note that vacuuming it works far better than sweeping for getting it really clean!!! Everytime I mention painting the floor dh says GO AHEAD and then immediately has apperplexi~!

Lodi Apples make the BEST apple sauce and apple butter!!! Ok maybe some people don't like their sauce as tart as I do but lucky for me DH does! Dh says the apple butter shown here tastes like his apple sauce, hey what can I say I followed the recipe in the Ball Blue Book!