Chipmunk Update

The chipmunk is deceased and is no longer eating my madder root, bran, or cochineal bugs! Oh and it's safe to say the the organic soy beans are safe as well now, as am I!!! No more jumping chippies from a corner!

Thursday evening I discovered that I did indeed have a chipmunk in my basement and subsequently my wet studio.  The little bugger has now met his maker.  How can I justify this you ask? Easily they carry rabies in addition to three different forms of the plague, that's how and this little bugger was so comfy living in my house that the pets (two cats and a dog) were treating it as if it was another family member.  And that had to come to an end!

What's that Smell!

I spent the better part of yesterday trying to find what had died in the laundry room. It started when I emptied the dehumidfier into the floor drain and persisted through the evening. I poured water down the floor drain again and every time I did so the odor got worse.

I finally found the problem - dead tree frog! No kidding. A few weeks ago I found myself trying to track down the weird sounding cricket in the laundry room, partly thinking it sounded a LOT like a tree frog. Well said tree frog must have come in with the bushels of apples because there is no other reason for a tree frog to want to come into my house! It was either looking for a way out of the house or for water, anyway it is no more poor little fella.