Office Update 021512

Well the computer is still on the fritz!  There are a couple of things that are not working in my favor and one of those is that my power supply, a whopping 650 watts and top of the line back is 2006, is now out of date and too small, I need a minimum of 850 watts to do what I'm doing. 

My fear was what am I going to do now???

 Hubs tells me tonight that the east bedroom, our guest bedroom, is on it's OWN circuit breaker and it's a whopping 20 AMPS!!! How lucky am I, well this does present a challenge because this means I'll be moving my office AND the guest bedroom.  The flip side is more cleaning and down sizing.

Today I spent the day power cleaning my studio, organizing, etc., and spent a whopping 60 minutes stitching.  Tomorrow it'll be more like three hours of stitching.

Photos tomorrow of what I'm not sure but you can be assured there will be photos.

Iowa - Inspiration at 55 mph!

Iowa - Inspiration at 55 mph!  Whenever I'm not driving I like to take advantage of the situation by snapping tons of photos, photos that are in motion.  Every once in awhile I make a squealing noise indicating I really want to stop and take more photos of whatever that has captured my attention at that moment, but by and large images taken at 55mph intrigue me!

Plotting and Planning

Plotting and Planning.  John signed off on my moving my studio into the Living Room, and even possibly the Dining room some months ago and I had been dragging my feet... BUT NOW I'm hearing that the rain Iowa has recieved in the last three years will now become common place and I really don't want to have to move my wet studio up from the basement every year... it's very tiring and is extremely stressful.  So, I am thinking of moving those elements upstairs and moving my design studio from the second story down to the living room and this part of my life can now exist in one room, instead of spread out here and there.  Pictures coming and soon.