Stitch Problems

Well this is supposed to be a heart pattern - stitch No. 72 on my Janome 6500 and the hearts are not closing, also the machine is making a rather hard jerking motion when creating this pattern. Ideas on what may be the problem? Here are three pics starting with the bottom pic and ending with the top pic seems that towards the end the hearts were starting to look more like hearts.

Extreme Embroidery 2

Tonights class went really well, it was the last night for this particular class and the students were either finished with their pieces or were nearing being finished.

They are continuing on to Extreme Embroidery 3, which I'm doing completely differently. Every 15 minutes we will do a different technique, for two hours - three Tuesdays. During the first class we will do silk fusion so we can make them into bags or wall hangings in class two. I'll try to remember to post photos tomorrow of the piece I made for EE2.

Now I"m on to making constructed cloth bags, for an upcoming class, and wine bottle gift bags, again for another upcoming class. Oh and then there's the constructed cloth scarves, and the painted scarf class.

I'm going to be busy making holiday samples for the shop windows as well so if you don't hear from me I'm probably asleep in front of my sewing machine, or my Janome Expression.

Felted Bag

Here's the felted bag I mentioned, I need to sew the sides together and make the strap yet, it was needlefelted using the Janome Expression. The dealer down the street, from my shop, lent me the machine and if I wasn't in so much pain I'd make samples for them as well. Maybe next week sometime??? I have another bag done already and it's at the shop in the window display with a bunch of other felted items that is announcing our needlefelting workshop the end of October.

Bottom to Top: Front view with the flap open, the back and the front views, and the front view with flap closed. The views are clipped a little bit but that's because I'm in so much pain I'm not able to stretch up enough to get a better view. I'm taking muscle relaxers and pain pills but it doesn't even tough the pain - which tells me it's in the bone not the muscles cause those muscle relaxers they gave me can drop a horse and I'm not whinnining yet!

The background fabric is wool that has been dyed with natural dyes, and the wool on top is a combination of natural dyed and synthetically dyed fibers. Note that it is nigh impossible to match natural dyed fibers to synthetically dyed ones.