Spring has Finally Sprung in Central Iowa

The trees are finally leafing out, now to find something to plant in my hanging pots.

The neighbors crabapple is stunning this year, mine has lost most of it's blossoms already.

John tilling the east garden, most of which will be planted with native prairie plants that are useful for my natural dye plants.

Lettuce, strawberries, chard, basil, tom thumb peas, and arugula in this raised bed.

Various herbs along with three cabbage plants that I"m thinking of moving elsewhere, so I can plant more dill in this bed.

Viola Sororia

Chopped violet leaves

I'm supposed to steep a half pound of violet blossoms, well I had about a cups worth, if that as it's kinda late in the season here for blossoms.

Below I'm steeping a half quarts worth of fresh tender heart shaped leaves that have been chopped.
I'm learning how to make tinctures, extracts, syrups and the like, I'm a rank novice beginner when it comes to herbals though I'm good at plant id. On today's docet Violet Blossom Syrup (ok there are not nearly enough blossoms in my neighborhood but I digress) and Violet Leaf Tincture.