Spring has Finally Sprung in Central Iowa

The trees are finally leafing out, now to find something to plant in my hanging pots.

The neighbors crabapple is stunning this year, mine has lost most of it's blossoms already.

John tilling the east garden, most of which will be planted with native prairie plants that are useful for my natural dye plants.

Lettuce, strawberries, chard, basil, tom thumb peas, and arugula in this raised bed.

Various herbs along with three cabbage plants that I"m thinking of moving elsewhere, so I can plant more dill in this bed.

Raised Vegetable Beds 042713

Perinneal Leek and Garlic bed getting more topsoil, next up is a layer of compost and worm castings.

Topsoil layer is finished.  The top round of wood is the cover for the bed, this week John will reinstall the pvc pipe hoops and I'll help with the bird netting. 

John loading the middle raised bed, otherwise known as my salad bed, with topsoil.

Just a couple wheelbarrows more and this bed will be ready for compost as well.

We saved money by purchasing the amended topsoil locally and by picking it up from KCI Landscaping, we save even more by not having it delivered.  So far we've purchased two yards of the amended topsoil. 

My herb and kale garden, still needs topsoil and then a final layer of compost.  I'll probably tuck some beets, parsnips, and carrots in between the rows of kale in this garden.  I'm dreaming of a fresh sun kissed salad!

Garden Update

My potato patch before round three of mulching - we mulched it just before it started pouring!

Greens patch: Lettuce, chard, beets, turnips, radishes, carrots, and parsnips.

The hail and tornados missed us! I'm so very grateful for this!!! At present I have no way to protect my tomatoes. John has an idea and we will set it up sometime this week.

Ready to Go!!!

My poor neglected garlic patch, I have two of them actually. Hopefully next week I'll be able to dig the patch up and seperate it out so they will actually produce sizable bulbs this year. Leeks and onion seeds are going in next week as well, again if we don't end up with a nasty blizzard tomorrow.

Now that John is finished doing his thing, tilling, I can put up the fence again this will help to keep the rabbits away from my grape vine which they tend to ravage and very quickly. Picture below YES that really is a tree growing in the middle of my garden. I could opt to remove it but it provides a LOT of shade on my house hence reducing the need for central air in the summer. It's a crab apple, I've been working on guilds to plant around the tree it would appear that there are a lot of plants, including vegetables that love apple trees.

North Garden below East Garden above, Native Prairie Garden to the right of the sidewalk.

My garden spots have been tilled, just 2 inches to break the large clumps of horse manure apart and to mix it in with the leaves, and are ready to go! Now barring any major blizzards which we may or may not get next week I'll plant my potatoes, peas, kale, chard, mustard greens, and rhutabegas.