Oliver Day One

Day One: John is in charge of the scary stuff (edited for those with sensitive ears and eyes) Right now Oliver is wandering the house and getting to know his space, actually he's been doing this since about 8:30ish pm. John decided I was being too protective. No collars, no leashes, just pure puppy inquisitiveness that landed me a couple of sessions of pure puppy exhaustion on the sofa. Here's to an even better day tomorrow!

John also took me to the local pet store that has a trainer for me to discuss all of my issues and fears, for day one - this is my first time ever having a puppy even if he DOES weigh 75 pounds.  I now have some new moves to use on Oliver it's one thing reading about the mommy correction pull and another learning how to actually use the mommy correction pull, they met him and LOVED him, and once his training collar was adjusted everything was so much better for the two of us!