Oliver and Transport Update

John with our new pup Oliver!  He arrived last night late around midnight and was super excited to be here, at first he was kinda scared but when he saw Angel (our sheltie) he became a bundle of quivering excitement!

The gal who rescued Oliver paid for his transport up here to Iowa, and to which I have to say thank heavens because we raised about $75 for the transport which wasn't anywhere near what it cost to ship him here, some $1100 later!  So the money I raised will be put aside for his first visit to our vet at the end of the month!  He's up to date on all of his shots but will be needing his next heartworm treatment, and he's also intact so we will be discussing with the vet when the appropriate time will be for  having him neutered. 

We decided to name him Oliver, it was Junior, and he responds to it already!